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Nine African American accountants in the New York area founded the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) in December 1969. Their goal was to establish a national organization that dealt forthrightly and effectively with the many common problems faced by the growing number of African American accounting professionals. Since the founding of NABA, the membership has grown to approximately 5,000 members in over 140 active professional and student chapters in major urban areas and at universities across the nation. NABA’s primary purpose is to encourage greater participation by African Americans and other minorities in the accounting profession.

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Annual Conferences


NABA's Regional Student Conferences are its largest and most diverse annual student programs. They have allowed the Association to bring together hundreds of professional and student members, academia's, and corporate representatives over the years. The goals and objectives of the Regional Student Conference generally complement those of its corporate supporters.

While the focus of the conferences rest primarily on career development and job placement, there are many opportunities to have fun as well. At the conferences, students can interview for internships and permanent positions, in addition to attending interactive sessions on topics such as: Developing Dynamic Interviewing Skills, Dress for Success, and Transitioning from College Student to Business Professional.

General questions, submit emails to nabacrsc@gmail.com.

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